An open book with the title “Productivity: Making the Hours in the Day Go Further.”

Most of us seem to have a complex (maybe even toxic) relationship with productivity. We try to be productive, yet we fall into the procrastination traps, we try to do the work that matters, yet we stumble often.

But that’s all a part of a standard productivity curve. Some days you feel like you’re doing well, and other days it seems like you’re not getting anything done. And that’s perfectly normal and acceptable.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind that might help you get over a productivity slump:

A burger and french-fries on a plate.

The first thing when an issue pops up is to fix it. (Of course, prioritize based on the severity of the actual problem- not all problems need immediate solutions).

But more crucial than that is the often-overlooked second step. What you do to ensure that the same problem doesn’t happen again.

Most diet regimes fail because people lose weight but don’t alter their behavior; they don’t change their diet or start exercising, which means they’ll start gaining weight as soon as the diet is finished.

That’s why people jump from one debt to another; as soon as on loan is…

A mug on a desk next to an open laptop with the word “hustle” written on it.

Your actions speak more than your words. Particularly if you’re a leader, and especially if you’re in a position of power.

You might say that you expect one behavior, but if you exhibit the opposite yourself, don’t be surprised when others in your team or community adopt it as well.

If you don’t expect your team to reply to emails at midnight, don’t send emails at midnight. (You can schedule the emails for the following morning, even if you must or want to work evenings.)

If you don’t expect your team to cut corners, don’t cut corners yourself. Don’t look…

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