Ask for Advice

Zoran Jambor
1 min readMar 19, 2021
Two people talking at a table.

Asking for advice has numerous benefits for both the person asking and the person being asked.

The person asking gets to…

  • solve their problem faster, more efficiently.
  • avoid unexpected complications that the person who’s giving advice already learned to handle.
  • lean on the skill of someone more experienced.
  • compliment someone on their expertise by acknowledging that they are better suited to solve a particular problem.
  • practice humbleness and teamwork.

The person answering gets to…

  • clarify their thinking by explaining the subject in a simple, efficient way.
  • feel good by getting a serotonin boost for helping someone.
  • share their knowledge and expertise, thus building their reputation and status.
  • learn the insight of someone new to the subject, which might help them serve their audience better.

And if that’s the case, why not ask for advice and give advice openly, generously, and selflessly?

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