• Rodrigue Villetard

    Rodrigue Villetard

    Développeur php, python, javascript chez https://les-tilleuls.coop/, adhérent @afup

  • Stephen Keep

    Stephen Keep

    Software Architect

  • zen digital

    zen digital

    Agile Development & Creative Design for innovative solutions. #Fullstack #JavaScript #MEAN @AngularJS @NodeJS @MongoDB. Meetup @ngNewYork

  • John Hartley

    John Hartley

    Engineering leader with a passion for building and growing teams. Writing mostly about leadership, onboarding, interviewing, and management in the tech industry

  • Brandon Morreale

    Brandon Morreale

    Art Director @NorthernGround. Photographer. Distance runner. Amateur chef. Denim jacket & dutch oven collector. Fairly neurotic, unapologetically midwestern.

  • Tuan Luu

    Tuan Luu

    Developer at Agility.io. I develop therefore I am.

  • Louis Lazaris

    Louis Lazaris

    Front-end developer, author, speaker, and writer. https://www.impressivewebs.com | https://webtoolsweekly.com | https://techproductivity.co

  • Guille Paz

    Guille Paz

    👨‍💻 Front End Web Developer ⚡️ Web Performance Lover | Sr. Technical Manager at $MELI

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