Practice Communicating

Zoran Jambor
Feb 17, 2022


Communication is a skill you should nurture and practice.

A person talking on a phone.

One of the most valuable skills worth acquiring, practicing, and nurturing is communication.

We communicate daily. Online, offline, in-person, via video, audio, text messages, with family members and business partners, when ordering food and talking with random strangers on the street-constantly.

And as with any craft, there’s no ceiling to the skill level, so take some time and figure out how to improve.

Because if you can communicate better, you’ll:

  • get your ideas across easier
  • understand other people’s motivations more clearly
  • avoid unnecessary conflict
  • find supporters in the unlikeliest of places

And most importantly, communicating better will help you become a better human being.

(Hint: To improve, try to figure out what your advantages and disadvantages are, and practice deliberately to improve them.)

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