Toxic Productivity

Zoran Jambor
2 min readApr 8, 2021
An open book with the title “Productivity: Making the Hours in the Day Go Further.”

Most of us seem to have a complex (maybe even toxic) relationship with productivity. We try to be productive, yet we fall into the procrastination traps, we try to do the work that matters, yet we stumble often.

But that’s all a part of a standard productivity curve. Some days you feel like you’re doing well, and other days it seems like you’re not getting anything done. And that’s perfectly normal and acceptable.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind that might help you get over a productivity slump:

  1. Remember that the creative work should be fun.
    Not everything has to be fun all the time. There are periods when we have to push through. But generally, you should enjoy most of the things at least broadly.
  2. Pay attention to your emotional state.
    You won’t get much done if you’re depressed, unmotivated, or frustrated. You should always come first. Don’t feel bad about taking the time to take care of yourself.
  3. If you lack motivation, get up and start.
    When you don’t feel like doing something, work just for a few minutes, and the motivation will appear.
  4. You need more time to start.
    You probably need more time to do creative work than you think. You will rarely be able to just sit down and bang away. You need a buffer to get into the flow, prepare coffee (tea!), and get into the right…



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